Barefoot in the Media

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Andrew Graystone, who heads up in the UK speaks here with Dominic Steele about his story, the challenges facing Christians in the Media in the UK and the work of media net.

Andrew worked for BBC Religion for over a decade, first as a live TV producer and later as a Development Executive.

He writes and present programmes for BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, including mainstream documentaries and features as well as religious programmes such as Daily Service and Sunday Worship.

Andrew helped to establish theMediaNet – a mostly-online community of support and challenge for UK Christians who work in media.

Andrew also directs the Church and Media Network, a UK body that seeks to build bridges between the Christian community and the media.

In that role he seeks to support Christians working in the media, and also work with media executives to challenge the industry to live up to its high calling.

Andrew also has a passion for helping Christians to get to grips with contemporary culture through appropriate modes of mission.

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