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Do you have the Holy Spirit? How can we get Spiritual guidance? What are Spiritual gifts? What is Spiritual warfare? Can you be baptized in the Holy Spirit?

Who exactly is the Holy Spirit?

Whether or not you’ve been a Christian for many years or you’re still checking Jesus out, chances are the Holy Spirit has come up many times in conversation. Down through the centuries, between churches and between individual Christians, more debates rage over the person and work of the Holy Spirit then perhaps any other topic

Over five days in July, we’ll be looking intently into the Bible in order to learn who the Holy Spirit is, what he was sent to do and just what effect knowing him will have on our lives.

This week will also be a great opportunity to meet other media students and think through these issues in light of the media.

Where are we staying?
This year, we’re staying at the Silky Oak Lodge at Kiah Ridge Conference Centre, 25 Bargo River Road Tahmoor. This site is 1.5 hours drive from the Sydney CBD via the M5 Motorway.

In addition to being set in 71 hectares of natural bushland, Kiah Ridge boasts five bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts and an outdoor fire pit.

When are we going?
We’ll be arriving at Kiah Ridge at 9am on Monday the 4th of July and will be staying until 2pm on Friday the 8th of July.

What do I bring?
Sleeping bag or sheets/ blankets
Warm clothes
Board games and Sports equipment
Snacks and junk food to share
Marshmallows for the fire pit

How do I get there? (download map)
If traveling south, travel down the F5 Freeway/Hume Highway until you get to Picton Road. Turn right and head toward Picton, then turn left at Argle Street. After ten kilometres, turn right at the service station down Bargo River Road. Turn left down Kiah Ridge Access Road until arrive at the gate

If traveling north, continue up the Hume Highway/F5 Freeway and turn left at Remembrance Driveway. Continue for eleven kilometres before turning left down Bargo River Road.

How much?
The price for this incredible week is only $220. If you pay before Friday June, you’ll get the early-bird discount of $195.

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